Message from
the President

CEO Ryuichi Uchida CEO Ryuichi Uchida CEO Ryuichi Uchida CEO Ryuichi Uchida

Recycling cranes throughout the world
and contributing to the realization of
a sustainable society.
This is the mission of Daikyo Kenki.

CEORyuichi Uchida

2020 marks the 55th year since the founding of Daikyo Kenki. Thanks to your support, we have established ourselves as a top-class crane company in Japan. However, we are aware of our past challenges.

I look back on the company that I took over from my father in 2001. With the general downturn in the construction industry, signs of decline began to appear in the status of our company’s business as well. With a sense of the prevalent crisis, we worked to lay stable foundations while improving the essence of our business. Additionally, by recycling and increasing the size of cranes throughout the world, we expanded our business scale. We currently possess more than 130 vehicles, including 700 tons of super-large cranes, which reflect our success in developing a large-scale brand.

At the core of my management philosophy, I belief that encounters with people can be like a line and a face. I think that the mission we need to accomplish through the management of Daikyo Kenki is to build deep human networks, with the world as our stage, and create work that contributes to society.

Currently, there are urgent calls for the achievement of sustainable development goals (SDGs) throughout the world. Besides promoting its maintenance business for renewable energy power plants, such as wind turbines, Daikyo Kenki aims to recycle crane parts for achieving complete refurbishment and to contribute to the realization of SDGs. Regarding our community involvement, we cooperate with the police, fire departments, and expressway officials in the case of disaster and continue to actively conduct rescue operations using cranes.

In addition to building a top-level corporate culture through technology and knowledge, Daikyo Kenki aims to expand the field of these activities to the global stage and continues to make an important contribution to society moving forward. We humbly request your continued support and cooperation toward our endeavor.

CEORyuichi Uchida