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In 1995, Daikyo Kenki began overseas operations, starting with the establishment of a joint company in China. Since that time, we have exported Japanese cranes and construction devices for use overseas.

In 2005, we established a local corporation in Dubai for crane rental and the sale of used vehicles. In 2020, we established DAIKYO KENKI INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED in Bangalore, and have embarked on a real estate investment and crane business there.

The sale of used construction machinery overseas is carried out globally via Abileco International. We are broadening Daikyo Kenki’s network from Russia in the north to Australia in the south, as well as across the Pacific Ocean to South America, and across the Indian Sea to Africa and the Middle East.

Trading partners

China, South Korea, Taiwan, Russia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Quate, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, South Africa, Colombia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Cambodia, Vietnam

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The pads used for crane’s outrigger are essential for protecting the ground (of all types) and for performing crane operations safely. Daikyo Kenki and Abileco International have completed a Japan-exclusive agency agreement with the overseas trading company for their sale in Japan.

Compared with the steel and aluminum floorboards that were previously used in Japan, the pads we imported from overseas are light and easy to carry , also highly durable with excellent costperformance. We have used them with our cranes since 2018 and have verified their durability and safety.

Additionally, the quality performance and safety of the products have been verified by some of the engineering testing company in UK and Japan.

In 2021, we have carried out a thorough test of quality performance and safety at Japan Testing Center for Construction Materials (JTCCM).

Product name: CRANE PADS


Authorize reseller in Japan: Abileco International Co., Ltd.

Making a mark with dynamic compaction

In 2020, Daikyo Kenki Co.,Ltd & Salim Equipment Rental(JV Partner) decided to enter the niche market of dynamic compaction, a technique used to increase soil density by dropping a heavy weight repeatedly from different heights on the ground. As such projects required duty cycle cranes, Daikyo & JV Partner opted for Liebherr and invested in two 130-tonne HS8130.1 cranes in February 2020.

“Ground improvement and land reclamation projects require specialised, duty cycle cranes. With Liebherr duty cycle cranes, we can densify soil up to depths of 15m, and the cranes can handle a high number of blows, typically 600 blows in a 10-hour shift. Only a few manufacturers make such cranes, and Liebherr was our first choice because the company has set the industry benchmark with regard to product development and customer support. We also benefit from having our office, yard, workshop and training centre situated opposite the Liebherr Middle East office in the Jebel Ali Free Zone,” says Uchida & Sajil.

Currently, the two HS8130.1 models are working on the Etihad Rail project, supplied through Keller. The immediate success in the dynamic compaction market due to high utilisation of the cranes during 2020 encouraged Daikyo Kenki & Salim Equipment Rental to place its second order in November 2020 for another two duty cycle cranes with higher lifting capacities. The two new 200-tonne Liebherr HS895 models were delivered to Daikyo Kenki & Salim equipment Rental in February 2021.

Dynamic compaction is a ‘high demand - high risk’ market that requires the full dedication of our resources including a team of highly skilled operators, maintenance staff and Liebherr’s after-sales support. As there are few players with the technical competency required for such jobs, we also have the opportunity to expand globally.